Character of the Week: Virtual Warrior Names

Male, 18-22
He was raised in a dystopian conglomerate of Western European nations. As an infant he was sent to a training facility for virtual combat.
He interacts with: Eden (love interest), Anja, and Eduard.
He’s very taciturn. He’s a tall, broad-shouldered guy with serious eyes and a slow smile and a stubborn sense of chivalry.
Science fiction

For this character I wanted to choose a name that was vaguely European and fashion forward. I wanted a name that sounded strong and good-hearted, which was romantic and a bit sexy.

  • Bram: To the point, a leader
  • Anders: A good soldier and a good friend
  • Peder: Very internal
  • Rylan: Lone-wolf
  • Kai: A bit rebellious

The writer replied: I kind of like Peder or Ander(s). Thanks so much for your help.

I liked this description; it made me want to know more about the character and the world. I did try, generally, not to judge the book concepts or writing and to just focus on the names, but sometimes the concepts took over in my head. Some, like this one, make me think of how I would write this story. Others just made me wonder what the author was thinking.


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