Character of the Week: Sci-fi Teen Names

There wasn’t much to go on with this initial description, but it gave me a lot to think about after.

Male, born 1998, 17 years old
Born and raised in Midwest or West Coast America.
Dad left at age 7, mom works in an office.
Sister and mom are also unnamed as of yet. I HAVE NO OTHER NAMES.
He is a high school student. (God I need to flesh out this character.)
YA Sci-Fi

Several writers commented in their posts that answering the questions I asked (to help me name the characters) helped them learn and discover more about their characters and the story. The fact that this writer didn’t add to his ideas before clicking ‘Post’ should have been a clue to me that there were a few big things missing.

Instead of noting that, I focused on the fact that the age and birth year didn’t match. I tried to think of why, and I came up with an answer that was complimentary to the writer; however, if I’d known the truth I would have named the character differently.

As it was, I used the birth year given to choose an appropriate and slightly interesting name that would suit a contemporary sci-fi story.

Born in 1998, 17 years old… so you’re giving yourself 3 years to edit and publish this book?

  • Parker
  • Garrett
  • Adrian
  • Devon
  • Dylan

The writer replied: Actually it’s set slightly in the future… I realize now that it just makes me look bad at math. LOL. I’m probably going to go with Dylan.

Since I thought the story was set in modern times I chose interesting but fairly common names. If I’d known it was set in the near future—and taking into account that it does take on average 3 years to edit and publish a novel—I would have chosen more fashion forward names that would still sound like something in the near future of three years from now. More of my thoughts on Wednesday…

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