Character of the Week: Born Teenager Names

Anything goes when naming this week’s character.

Female, looks to be around 17 (she’s about 4), Contemporary
She popped into existence in the body of a teenager, ‘born’ from the mind of a demon. The demon, named Icarus, is a voice in her head. He’s quite mean and commanding. She grows up on the streets of an unidentified city. She’s quite shy.
Her love interest will either be named Isaac or Colby. She also has friends named Kalea and Jacob.
YA Fantasy

I chose this example because there were no “rules” I could glom onto when naming her. Because she looks 17 I could have used names that were popular 17 years ago. Because she was actually ‘born’ 4 years ago I could have used names that were popular then. Because a demon could have named her she could have a made-up name, and because he goes by a Latin name for a Greek mythological person she could have a Latin or Greek mythological name.

The names I ended up with are a mixed bag, but they tend to be modern and somewhat literary. I didn’t know if the girl named herself or if the demon named her, so these names could be found in movies, novels, or on the playground. (I always want there to be a reason why the character was named X, something realistic for why the parents or whoever chose it.)

  • Sadie: From Sarah, it is a Hebrew name like Isaac and Jacob
  • Scarlett: Either from the actress or the tempestuous literary character
  • Marley: A boyish name, either from the musical god or the puppy
  • Ayla: Another self-sufficient novel heroine
  • Elora: Inspired by an infant princess from a fantasy movie

The writer replied: I quite like Scarlett, and I can kind of see her with the name. It seems like something Icarus would do. Thanks!

One of the fun, and difficult, parts of this naming were the lack of limits placed on the name. I choose names that I thought the writer would like, but I could have gone much further with my choices. I’m certain if I were making this list today I would have chosen another crop of names entirely.

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