Character of the Week: French Werewolf Names

I like when people begin with some brown-nosing.

You come up with the best names and personalities. I’d love it if you would have a crack at mine, please.

Female, 33, born in France not far from the Mediterranean coast, Contemporary

Both parents were involved with a secret paranormal peacekeeping force as a front to protect their pack (they are werewolves). They could be considered upper middle class.

I’m trying to figure out a non-cliché given name to go with the surname Thibault.

Her team mates are an assortment of humanoid creatures: Beatrix Brown, Dr. Zane Rushing, Viven LeStrange (an obviously fake name), and Nemerie Ashenwreath (an elf).

Best described as a mercenary, her drive for revenge on the force that killed her family leads to her joining this mismatched task force. She is very work-oriented and stubborn, and brooks no nonsense or bullshit excuses from anyone. Athletic, hard-working, frosty with a very small chance of growing on you, unflappable, werewolf.


I had a few requests for werewolf names. Many fantasy writers, especially those writing Middle Grade or Young Adult, like to have names with “meaning” and often names with obvious meanings. Since I had already given out some “wolf” names I was glad to see that this writer wanted something non-cliché. While it is fun to name fantasy characters names that are “out there” or have “layers”, it can be refreshing to name them interesting names that are simply right for where and when they were born. In this case, I searched for French girls names and went for a feeling.

I’m unfamiliar with the general feeling of French names (what’s hip and what’s timeless). I chose names I felt were interesting and had a sense of strength to them.

  • Manon Thibault
  • Morgane Thibault
  • Elodie Thibault
  • Coline Thibault
  • Laurianne Thibault

Sometimes all a writer needs is a fresh take on names.

The writer said: Thank you! Morgane sounds perfect, as well as Elodie for the mother. Thanks, again!


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