Character of the Week: Technic Names

This week’s example was… unexpected.

Male, early-mid 20s, 50-200 years in the future

Note: He’s not going by his birth name at this point in time, but instead goes by a Technic name.

He grew up during the last part of the war that ended humanity as we know it. Humanity evolved, technically. He grew up in a Technic area (Technics are cyborgs).
His parents were medics who instilled him with a diligent work ethic and a kind heart, and the idea of finishing what you start.
He interacts with: Cassie “Divebomb” Moores; Trudy Moores; Pathfinder; Commander Alexander Cole; Quarantine; Genesis Cole; Natasha Cole
He’s a medic like his parents. He’s grumpy and tends to have poor bedside manners, but he’s very skilled at what he does and is loyal to the cause to a fault. Just don’t get yourself harmed unnecessarily. He is to the point. He’s number 5 of the legendary 13 Crystals.
Science Fiction

I had to edit this one down a lot. In reading through I got a feeling for the writer’s idea of “Technic names”, which to me sounded like starship names (e.g. USS Enterprise, et al). So, for inspiration I began by searching for lists of Star Trek starships. Crossing off all of the names that might be too obvious (e.g. Farragut), the names that were honorifics, and the names that didn’t feel right, I was able to come up with a short list. I looked up meanings to be sure I was choosing correctly, and I added a couple more to round out the list. I gave the writer a list of characteristics I associated with each name.

Technic names are a challenge I didn’t foresee.

  • Adamant: Forceful, cool under pressure, tall, dark and handsome
  • Bellicose: Nicknamed by someone else, cocky and always right
  • Chimera: Indicates a possible inner conflict about his cyborg self, flowing hair like a lion
  • Locutus: “He who talks”, at TNG reference, self-important and stoic
  • Monitor: Busybody slash guardian
  • Quinto: The 13 could be nicknamed by number (Primo, Segundo…)

Let me know if you use one of these, and which one you chose. Once you choose one I can help with the “real name”.

The writer replied: I LOVE Monitor. I figure he does tend to be a busybody and poke into people’s business. I’d use Adamant, but it’s already the name of a character from one of the sources that inspired this book. Thank you so much! And I look forward to seeing what “real names” you’ll figure out.

I started looking for the character’s birth name by searching the Social Security Administration’s Popular Baby Names site for the names that were popular 20-25 years ago to find names that would feel like that age range. I looked for names that seemed to suit the characteristics the writer mentioned in choosing Monitor, and something interesting occurred.

Suggested Real Names

  • Jasper Michaels
  • Gideon Michaels
  • Johann Michaels
  • Elijah Michaels
  • Malachi Michaels

The writer replied: Oh wow, I love the slight Biblical theme you’ve got for three of those names. And Michaels! That’s a perfect last name. I’m fondest of Gideon personally, but Malachi is also good. I’ll run these names by my writing partner when she gets on tomorrow, but for now, to me, he’s Gideon. I never would have considered that name before until you posted it. Thanks!

This one was an interesting challenge. I was really excited that I seemed to “get” what the writer wanted, even choosing a “Technic name” from their inspiration and the right vibe for the birth name. In the end I was particularly proud of this one.

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